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The Las Vegas area is undeniably one of the most attractive cities in the world to visit with year- round pleasant temperatures, stunning scenery, outstanding hospitality, mind-blowing entertainment, and incredible shopping experiences. But Las Vegas also offers much more than just an exciting vacation experience—it is also one of the most wonderful places to set up shop, buy or build a home,and settle in this wonderful land that truly awakens one’s spirit.  GI Construction is ready to help you on that journey to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of in your home. We understand your home is a significant investment and every project is unique.  Our team works together with you to ensure you have a clear vision of your desired results so we meet every expectation.

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Crucial framing is to achieve sound foundation of your home

As your framing project gets underway, our team of experts at GI Construction know how crucial framing is to achieve sound foundation of your home. Consider a precious family photo you havetaken careful thought to have framed so that it will last for decades. Structural framing also requires impeccable attention to detail to make sure your walls are flawless and preserved for years to come.


Plumbing has all the up-to-date features

Every homeowner knows they have the responsibility of maintaining plumbing throughout the home. Often this subject can get lost in the shuffle of everyday life and small problems can turn into larger ones. GI Construction will make sure your plumbing has all the up-to-date features so that your home will be back in tip top shape.

Drywall Coverings

Proper steps are followed during the drywall process

Drywall can sometimes seem like a giant puzzle while in process with steps such as cutting holes for windows, plugs and outlets, and rooms with unique features. Our team of experts are dedicated to making sure proper steps are followed during the drywall process so that everything after that is smooth sailing.


Electrical wiring and any type of electrical work

GI Construction is armed and ready with the knowledge and expertise to meet all your electrical needs. From indoor and outdoor lightening, electrical outlets, light switches, full electrical wiring and any type of electrical work, we will make sure your project is completed with every attention to detail.


Transform the current appearance

Concrete floors, stairs, walls, walkways, driveways are some of the options that we offer, allowing you to transform the current appearance into your own unique design.

Masonry, Blocks and Bricks

Masonry fencing, Block Walls, Slumpblock walls, Redbrickfence walls

GI Construction delivers first class results with masonry fencing, block walls,slumpblock walls, redbrickfence walls, along with traditional brick and stone walkways and driveways. Our team of experts use their knowledge and creative talent to meet all your masonry needs.

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