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The Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2022 as outlined by Houzz, including the most popular cabinet style

The Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2022 as outlined by Houzz, including the most popular cabinet style

According to the 2022 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, certain results came as not a surprise White cabinetry and appliances made of stainless steel are the most popular options. However, some of the trends revealed in this study show significant changes in the way we utilize our kitchens. This includes the demise of kitchens that are open. Houzz conducted a survey of more than 2300 U.S. homeowners who had either completed a kitchen renovation in the last twelve months or planned to start one in of the coming three months by the time of the July 30th, 2021. In the midst of the epidemic, the homeowners had their plans set on spacious kitchen islands to work from home and plenty of cabinet organizers that could help keep their kitchens clean of mess. This is what the study revealed about the most popular design trends for kitchens in 2022.

The Splurge-Worthy Countertops

Not the only time was an upgraded countertop for the kitchen the most requested option for kitchen remodels–91 percent of homeowners have updated their countertops, but 35 percent of them reported the fact that they “splurged” on their countertops or spent more than they initially planned.

While engineered quartz remains the best countertop material (42 percent) however, it has decreased nine points from the year 2021 (51 percent). Quartzite is a natural and impervious rock (not engineered stone, like quartz) is up 2 percentage points by 2022.

Kitchen Islands Are Getting Longer

In reality, as per the Houzz survey respondents, almost two-in-five islands in kitchens are greater than 7 feet in length (whoa!). The homeowners are making use of all that more space for not just prepare food and cook, but they also to work from home. 20 percent say they are now working on their kitchen island. The space beneath the counter is used to add storage and 78 percent are including cabinets with doors closed.

Shaker-style cabinets

Between 2021 and 2022 Shaker-style kitchen cabinets increased by 8 percentage points, with 64 percent of remodelers currently opting for this staple of the transitional style of home decor. The second most popular design flat-panel cabinets are in the rear with only 17 percent.

Kitchens with open layouts lose ground

As many experts in home decor have predicted since the beginning of the epidemic open-concept floor plans are slipping out of fashion. In the last two years, working from home and remote education have made a lot of families wish they had more door or wall, as well as a little more privacy. The findings of the study show the change, with 38 per cent of people opening their kitchens to other rooms by 2022, as compared with 46 percent opening up in the 2020.

Vinyl Flooring Gains Popularity

In the case of flooring for kitchens hardwood is the most popular option (25 percent) However, vinyl is getting more popular increasing between 14 and 23 percent by 2022. Vinyl is now more popular than porcelain or ceramic tiles (19 per cent). It is not just waterproof and inexpensive however, the softness underfoot can make it attractive to those who are renovating and want an inviting home.

Specialty Organizing Cabinets are On the Rise

Cabinet and drawer organizers that are made specifically for special needs are becoming more well-known in every area as homeowners seek customized solutions for the kitchen chaos. Cabinets specifically designed to house cookies tray (51 percent) as well as drawers that can be pulled out trash or recycling containers (63 percent) are the most popular choices.

Appliances are upgraded to high-tech

More than one-third of homeowners said they bought a new kitchen appliance that has high-tech features. The top of the list is appliances with smartphones and wireless control (26 percentage). It’s now possible to regulate the oven’s temperature as well as cooking time using your smartphone and not have to get up from your couch. You can also use an app that lets you see the contents of your fridge the next time you’re at the store , and you’re not sure the time you’ll need to buy milk.

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