Why wait for summer to roll around when you can maximize your living space and transform your backyard into a permanent summer getaway? Hiring a remodeling company is easy with GI Construction!

Your Las Vegas contractor can help you begin building your perfect relaxation and entertainment spot by building or upgrading your patio or deck.   Adding a custom outdoor kitchen with built-in barbeque, sink, and refrigerator—along with countertop space for cooking and serving, will enhance your entertaining experience to the fullest. Once considered a luxury, an outdoor kitchen has become one of the more desired features for homeowners. There are many gorgeous outdoor kitchen remodeling designs to choose from.

Remodeling home improvement is an exciting adventure and when it comes to your backyard, and a pool (and/or jacuzzi) are the ultimate additions t summertime fun. But there are several other choices and features to create a tranquil experience outside your home. The key ingredient to summertime solace is water, and there are ways to cool off even if you’re not in it.  Try installing a fountain or a small pond with recirculating pump to bring a waterfall experience that soothes the spirit.  You can also install mist systems around your deck or patio area for cooling off while dining or relaxing in the sun.

One residential remodeling addition that has become increasingly popular is a gazebo. Gazebos are like a unique porch detached from the home, with a timeless beauty that can be enjoyed both day and night.  Gazebos not only offer shade and a place to catch a cool breeze, but they truly offer a peaceful easy feeling–even if you’re just gazing out your kitchen window. Gazebos have a magical draw to our spirit as they call out to us and remind us we need a place to zen.

Our summer days and nights can be extended even more by installing an outdoor fireplace or firepit.  Drawing family and friends together around the fire after dinner for stargazing, storytelling, family planning, musical jams are just some of the intimate gatherings that occur with a fireplace/firepit addition. Not only are they perfect for a summer night, but enjoyed into other seasons as well.

Escaping to your backyard retreat when the sun goes down is easily achieved with outdoor lighting.  There are incredible things you can do with lighting that are all affordable remodeling services that enhance your home not only for practical purposes, but for truly making your backyard a magical place to be.

Your backyard can be more than just a yard in the back of the house.  It can be a retreat for every family member to relax, play, entertain, dream, and to build everlasting memories.