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7 Important Things to Consider When Planning Your Shower Remodel

What if insufficient planning led to you spending hundreds of thousands?

The price of remodeling your shower can vary from $12,000 to $22,000. If you plan it properly, your bathroom remodel could be a bit less expensive. If you’re unaware, however, you could spend more than $10,000 and go way over your budget!

Are you looking to cut down on time and expense and still make your shower appear more beautiful than ever before? Continue reading to find out the most important aspects you must take into consideration!

1) Shower Head Position

There are likely to be some grand plans for the remodel of your shower. However, it’s important to not overlook the small aspects, like the position and the height of the shower head!

It’s because function is as important as the form. What’s the point of having an attractive bathroom that looks nice if you end up making the shower more difficult to use?

In this situation we’d suggest putting the shower head to the opposite side of the shower controls. This will allow you to switch on the water and let it warm up, without having to be soaked.

2) Shower Accessibility

You’ve probably been thinking about a new shower for years. Once you start, you’ll see the cost and how long it could be. That’s the reason why many people only renovate their bathrooms once.

With this in mind you need to consider the type of bathroom and shower you might want to have when you get older. For instance, you could include grab bars that make getting between the showers more convenient. There are numerous features that are accessible and a variety of grab bars. And these days the majority of grab bars are more stylish in design and color.

The grab bars are able to be incorporated into the overall design of your modern shower. If you grow older and require the bar, you’ll definitely be happy that you have them included in your remodeling.

3) To Curb or Not To Curb

When you renovate the shower, you’ll have the opportunity to take it further than simply making the changes you’ve made before. This is the opportunity to drastically alter the appearance of your shower.

One of the best methods to achieve this is to choose a unidirectional design. In the shower curb, the “curb” is the bottom of the shower’s entrance, which one must cross in order to enter. When you renovate your shower it is possible to lower the floor of your shower (which makes it easier to drain) and take away the curb completely.

A lot of homeowners love the look of a curbless shower as it makes the shower appear sleek and modern. As you age, it’s easy to walk around or put a wheelchair in the shower with no curb.

4) A Shelf and a Niche Can Go a Long Way

Shower remodel options don’t always involve big decisions like going curbless. It is also worth considering smaller options, like the addition of a niche or shaving shelves.

To make your shower suit your preferences, a customized niche can be a good addition. A niche is the place where you store shampoo, soap, conditioner, shampoo and other bathroom necessities. A lot of homeowners believe that these amenities can create a messy shower. If you are in agreement with this idea, then you can create an extra niche in the shower, which can only be visible from inside.

If you’re thinking about the inside of your shower, it’s worth installing a shaving rack. If you’re not adding benches to your remodel of your shower it could be the only spot you either your spouse or your guests could put their legs to help them shave more easily.

5) Time for a New Tile

The tiling in your bathroom is your most noticeable component. If you’re looking to transform the look of your shower, it is necessary to incorporate new tiles into your bathroom remodel plans.

The tile color is determined by the individual’s preference. If you plan to sell their home to make an income, you should stick with neutral colors for tiles. People who do not intend to sell can choose whatever patterns and colors really fit their personality.

In terms of aesthetics as well as safety it is recommended to use mosaic tiles. The smaller tiles let you make more intricate designs, and the texture prevents slips. It is also possible to employ cobblestone as a material to make your bathroom remodeling appear a bit exotic.

6) The Finishes to Match or Contrast

Shower enclosures that are clear are the latest trend in remodeling options for showers. Many prefer this style due to the fact that it’s both simple and attractive. Naturally, this means that people’s eyes will be drawn towards the door knobs.

When you are planning your renovation, it is essential to decide on the most important thing about the handles. Particularly will you like the style to complement the faucets and fixtures or stand out from them?

A coordinated look gives you an aesthetically pleasing and uniform appearance for your renovation. While a contrast look gives a modern look because of the mixing of metals. Much like the rest of the remodeling choices, your choice depends on your personal taste.

7) Drain Location

It’s true that there are a variety of options available regarding the location where the shower drain is. You can choose between the standard drain or an elongated drain.

A typical drain is the one you will see in showers with an inclined floor. This is the type of drain that you might have. If you’d like your remodeling to be the standard drain, you’ll require smaller shower tiles to create the slope.

Linear drains are long in style and rely on siphons. If you install a linear drain it is not necessary to be concerned about a sloped floor , and you can also make use of larger tiles if you opt for.

Whatever drain you pick, you should consider whether you would like the drain to be matched to the appearance or “camouflaged” by tiles. It’s all down to whether you’d like your drain to stand out or blend in.

Make Your Shower Remodel Dreams Into a Reality

Now you know what aspects to take into consideration before getting a bathroom remodel. Do you know who will turn those plans into reality?

At GI Construction, we specialize in transforming showers and bathrooms. To see how we can make your home look better than new, all you have to do is contact us today!

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