If you are a homeowner with a 2nd story, your staircase is often a focal point–being one of the first things you and your guests see when entering your front door.  That being said, it might be time to think about renovating for a grand entrance that makes a spectacular welcome.
Staircase makeovers are an exciting project, as there are many different ways to go about transforming your ho-hum steps into a stunning staircase. Let the theme of your home, your lifestyle, and budget guide you to choose what will be the perfect design you will cherish for years to come.
If your stairs have carpeting that has endured heavy traffic throughout the years, you might want to simply replace the carpeting. However, if you are ready for a major change, you can always forgo carpet and install tile, stone, wood, laminate, or glass steps.  If you don’t have to worry about little ones running up and down the stairs, you have more freedom to go for artistic choices over practical ones.  If you’re not ready for a complete change, you can always compromise and compliment your new staircase material of choice with a runner.  The runner provides more safety and deadens noise, yet looks very stylish with 3-5” of your choice of flooring on either side.  If you decide to stay with carpeting or have a runner, be sure to use top quality carpet—ideally 100% wool. Wool is the most crush resistant fiber, while also providing softness for bare feet.
Carpet colors for your staircase should be on the neutral side — such as a gray or in the gray-beige family–and perhaps darker colors if shoes are often worn throughout the house.
If you’re ready for the big change to abandon carpet completely, there are many choices to consider. Whether you choose traditional stair steps with a riser, or a more contemporary floating staircase with an open feel, there are an abundant of amazing ideas and designs available to you that will allow you and to show off your staircase.
Painting your staircase treads and risers has become more and more popular with so many different themes, designs and artistic fun involved.  If you are using paint, make sure that it is premium quality and easy to clean.
Another trendy staircase design is to install decorative tiles on wood or tile risers. Whether you go with a continuous design on each step or different tile patterns, it’s a beautiful way to showcase your staircase.
Today’s stair risers are also being decorated with premade decals, which provides an inexpensive and fun way to make your staircase one-of-a-kind.
Murals on risers are also a clever, whimsical artistic approach to make your staircase unique and reflect your personality.
If you are in need of more storage space, designing your staircase with hidden storage under the steps for shoes and misc. items is great way to keep your home organized and tidy.
A beautiful staircase can be considered the centerpiece of the home, and can often be what dictates the direction of the overall home design.  Style and design contribute significantly to the perfect staircase for your home; however, the key feature is often the banister. The importance of the banister used to focus more upon safety purposes, where now the focus has shifted to contributing significantly to the elegance of the home.
There is an endless abundance of banister designs.  Wood, wrought iron, steel cables/tension wire, and glass are the most popular materials.  However, there are also many unique designs—such as nautical rope, driftwood, salvaged doors, painted galvanized gas pipe and even rowing oars.
Whether you choose concrete, stone, wood, glass, or metal steps; and whether your design is floating, traditional, contemporary, modern or spiral, you can rise to the top with the perfect banister design for your home.
Your Las Vegas Contractor can assist you with home remodeling of your new staircase design and bring an amazing transition to your home that will capture the attention of everyone who enters.

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