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Six Budget-Friendly Tips for Backyard Remodeling

Here in Las Vegas, backyards don’t run big. Although it is rare to see the vast landscapes of the Midwest outside of your backyard doors, that doesn’t mean you can’t transform your space into a luxury retreat. A backyard remodel doesn’t have to cost a lot. We have 6 ways to make your backyard a welcoming space that reflects your personal style.


Lighting is a key part of setting the mood in your backyard. Outdoor lights are now available in LED form, so you can have a lot of fun with lighting and not spend a lot on your electric bill. A little lighting can make a big difference in your backyard renovations.


Garden borders are something that garden magazines don’t often highlight, but are always there. A small stone border can make even the smallest garden look more organized and professional. Also, adding a border to your walkways will give it a classy touch. There are many options for what materials you can use. We’ve seen bricks and stones, grass, and even wooden borders.

AC Unit Cover

Imagine a perfect backyard with lush gardens and cute fountains. Maybe even lawn furniture to lounge on. Is your AC unit compatible with this space? Although air conditioning is essential in Las Vegas, the grey boxes can be a problem in your landscape. This can be fixed with a few pieces of wood and a hammer and nails for less than $100. To add some style to your AC, create a small fence that surrounds it.

Flower Boxes

No matter if you have grass or desert landscaping, pops of color are always appreciated. Planter boxes can be made from old pallets and simple plywood. Then you can fill them with beautiful, seasonal flowers. You can also attach the boxes to your fence if you have limited space. Flower boxes not only keep the critters away, but they also make it easier to tend to them (no more kneeling!). Line your flower boxes with a liner or use a ceramic poter that is water-resistant to keep the wood from deteriorating.


A berm is a fancy term for a mound. Berms can be used to break up monotonous areas like a large area of grass. You can add many interesting plants to your berm by using quality soil or mulch. To keep your yard interesting, we recommend that you plant a few seasonal flowers with small trees or hardy bushes.


Your outside furniture should reflect your personality, just as your home. You don’t have to settle for boring patio furniture. Choose a style that complements your landscaping and is comfortable. A popular option is to choose reclaimed wood for your seating. You can also add different colors, pillows and cushions to make your backyard more seasonal.

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