Casitas & Room Addition

Owning a Casita can accommodate many different types of living situations. Such as allowing your houseguests to enjoy the privacy and Situations refuge of an apartment atmosphere, or a young adult saving for college who needs their own space, or perhaps accommodating your parents who need to live with you, or even extra space for a game room, music studio or office. Whether it’s for personal use or renting out as extra income, a Casita is a very smart step in boosting your home’s value.

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Thermostat Control

Home Automation allows you to set your thermostat to an exact schedule

Many times we find ourselves rushing around in the morning to start our day, and we sometimes forget to reset our thermostats. With a touch of a button, you can adjust your home temperature without having to run back home and rearrange your day. Home Automation allows you to set your thermostat to an exact schedule, adjusting temperatures to specific times of day. With Home Automation in place, you will surely avoid receiving an increase in your monthly utility bill.

Lighting/Appliances Control

Setting lights to turn on or off at specific times of the day

As mentioned above, in our daily rush to leave the home often results in our forgetfulness. Home Automation allows you to rest easy so you are in control of everything from the oven to the curlers. Setting lights to turn on or off at specific times of the day assists in home protection, giving the appearance you are home if you are in fact away. Lighting control is a convenience even your pet will appreciate when it gets dark and he’s waiting patiently for the family to return.

Securing Doors

Programmed Door Locks

It often becomes natural habit going through the daily routine of leaving our home and securing the doors…although we can sometimes second guess ourselves that we have completed the task. One of Home Automation’s greatest advantages is having programmed door locks. This incredible technology also allows you to be alerted exactly when someone enters your home.

Security Camera Monitoring

Monitor Everything from Smart Phone

If you have a security camera system in place, Home Automation can take that technology to the next level by allowing you to monitor everything from your smart phone.

Saving Money

Hassle-Free control at your Fingertips

You will see a significant difference in lowering the cost of your utility and gas bills with Home Automation. Having hassle-free control at your fingertips is the true beauty of this new technology.

Conserving Energy

Contributing to Energy Conservation

Home Automation allows you to only use what resources you really need. It is a good feeling when you can know that you are contributing to energy conservation.

Peace of Mind

Safe and Secure and Ready for your Return

With today’s busy lifestyle, Home Automation contributes significantly to giving homeowners peace of mind at home or away. Whether you’re just out shopping or out of town, Home automation ensures your home will be safe and secure and ready for your return.

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