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Bathroom remodeling contractors in Las Vegas will be able to give you helpful advice when you are ready to select a new vanity for your bathroom.  Whether your bathroom renovation is for an existing bathroom or a brand-new bathroom remodel, there are several things to consider so that you can choose the vanity that fits your space and style.
Determining the right size vanity for your bathroom is crucial, as there are several factors to consider. Your bathroom floorplan and existing plumbing are the basics to determine where the vanity will be located.  Next, your bathroom vanity will want to include space where doorways and cabinets can be opened properly.  Allowing enough room for proper traffic flow is another must.  The height of your vanity as well as the height of the faucet will be another important consideration. Be sure to discuss with your general contractor where the medicine cabinet(s) mirror(s) and light fixtures will be
You will need to decide how many sinks will be installed in your vanity. This will determine the size of your vanity.  The standard size is 48 inches for 2 sinks, however, if you would like more counter space you may elect to have only 1 sink. Your general contractor in Las Vegas will go over these home renovation options with you.
After all measurements are in order, your Las Vegas contractor will discuss what sink type options will work for your vanity–as well as materials–and whether you will want to install a backsplash.  Sinks are usually included with your vanity purchase and there are a few basic styles such as:
Undermount: The Undermount Sink is installed underneath the counter for a seamless top that not only gives it an attractive appearance, but is also easy to clean.
Vessel: The Vessel sink is positioned on top of the counter and is available in variety of shapes, sizes and materials. There are some incredible designs for vessel sinks, and they tend to be for homeowners that prefer choosing unique designs.
Self Rimming/Drop in Sink: This is the most commonly installed vanity sink and allows for a wide variety of styles to choose from.
Keep in mind that backsplashes are not standard on all vanities. Therefore, you may want to consider if your vanity would be best with a backsplash. Your backsplash can be the same material as the counter top, or you could choose a completely different material to complement your style and bathroom theme.
Vanity bases are usually made of wood, but can be made of other materials as well.  Your vanity countertop can be made of stone (marble) or ceramic. Cabinet hardware (knobs or pulls) also have a variety of materials and designs to choose from, as well as your faucet.  Most vanities come without a faucet, so this would be purchased separately. However, some vanities will include the faucet in a certain style and finish.

Vanity mounts are basically offered in 3 different options:  Standard Freestanding, Wall Mount, and Corner.  Standard mounting options are most common and offer a wide range of foot styles. Standard mounting most always offers the most storage.  Wall mounting (also known as “floating vanities”) have a modern look, however they don’t offer quite as much storage space as the standard mount.  Corner mounts are limited to one sink and are usually chosen to fit a specific type of room shape.
When choosing a construction company in Las Vegas it is beneficial to work with a company whose Project Managers will offer to meet with you and the vendor in order to help you choose the products that will best fit your overall needs.

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