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The New Year is around the corner and along with the hustle and bustle of making plans for the big event, many of us think about New Year’s resolutions.  From diet & exercise to picking up a new hobby, there are endless resolutions we could embrace to better ourselves and our families.  However, improving our home is also a wonderful way to better family life.  Get together with your loved ones and brainstorm what would be high on the priority list.  Next, discuss with your Las Vegas Contractor your wish list and where to begin.  Here are some thoughts to get you started on your renovation resolution:
Replacing Windows and Doors
Perhaps you’ve been noticing that your energy bill seems higher than they should be, even after adjusting the thermostat.  Your windows and doors could possibly be the culprit, and it may be time to replace them.  Window replacement is something homeowners often put off year after year. If you have your general contractor in Las Vegas install new windows and doors for you–you will not only see the reduction in your energy bills, but this will also increase the value of your home.  Becoming energy efficient is a win-win decision that will benefit you and your family, as well as allowing you to enjoy the luxury of your new windows and doors.
Bathroom Renovation
Bathrooms are usually notorious for being outdated and therefore require attention. Many homeowners put off bathroom renovation until it’s too late, and items become unusable. Keeping up-to-date with your appliances and elements will avoid issues in the future.  Check to be sure your shower, toilet, and sink are conserving water properly. Updating your flooring and vanity will give your bathroom a lovely boost, as will upgrading your tub and/or enlarging your shower.
Kitchen Upgrade
If you were unable to get your kitchen upgraded this year, perhaps putting a kitchen renovation at the top of your new year’s resolution list would be most beneficial for you and your family! Having a new kitchen ready to host a Super Bowl party would be a great way to kick off the new year!  New flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and perhaps a kitchen island could be just what your whole family needs to have a fresh new start.
Energy Savings
Think about how good it would feel knowing that you have replaced your antiquated heating and air conditioning with a state-of-the-art automated HVAC system?  Not only would the energy savings be significant, but you will breath better and feel the difference.  You can continue your energy saving resolution by installing window shades and solar panels, furthering energy savings in your home. 
Create More Space
If you love your home and neighborhood, there’s no need to think about moving if you’re running out of space. Why not hire a Las Vegas contractor to add square footage onto your existing home with a room addition, or perhaps a second story build up? Your floorplan may also be completely reconfigured to allow for a more open, spacious design–breathing new life into a lovely new home. A master bedroom can become a master suite, with an expanded walk-in closet or a cozy reading area. If your bathroom only has one sink, you can expand with a double sink and new vanity.   Perhaps you don’t use your tub that often and you would prefer using that space to expand your shower with two shower heads or a waterfall shower. Not only will increasing space add value to your home, but it will add more quality & enjoyment while living in it.

Paint & Wallpapers

You can’t go wrong with a fresh new coat of paint; however, why not try something completely different for the coming year?  An endless selection of exciting new colors and materials await you…as well as unique paints such as metallic paints, cool life exterior paints that reduce cooling costs, microbicidal paints that kill bacteria, and much more. Talk to your Las Vegas contractor about the possibilities that would be ideal for your home.
Remodel in Stages
You may realize there are several things you need to upgrade with your home, but thinking about doing everything at once becomes overwhelming. Don’t let that stop you from proceeding with your home renovation plans!  Start by narrowing down your renovation goals to the top 3 most important things that would benefit the entire family most.  Once you have a game plan, you can begin the process of hiring a general contractor in Las Vegas and be ready to turn your renovation dreams into reality!
Old to New
Styles always come and go, as are the styles of homes ever changing. Perhaps you have an older home with both exterior and interior features that are out-of-date.  Replacing your old carpeting or linoleum with custom flooring would be a great way to get out of the dark ages. Perhaps your home has older Formica countertops that could be replaced with granite or quartz. Changing trimming and/or crown molding is another way to enhance the room and give it a more modern look. Updating windows, lighting and fixtures can brighten up your entire home as well as your smile. Home remodeling is not just about your home getting an overhaul, but giving you a whole new fresh outlook on life.  The newness in your home reflects on you, and can make you feel brand new too.
Resolution Storage Solution
Home storage solutions is a small financial investment, but a huge investment towards your peace of mind. Whether it’s your garage that needs an organization overhaul or you want to install smart storage areas throughout the home, your Las Vegas contractor can ease your mind and get you and your family organized and ready for the new year!
Happy and Safe New Year
There’s no doubt that when you know your home is safe, it relieves stress–thus giving you the peace of mind you deserve.  Why not begin the new year on the right foot by making home safety your priority?  Your whole family can get involved by making a list and assessing what needs to be done to make the home secure and safe. From renovating your front walkway and steps to installing cameras and implementing home automation–you can have your Las Vegas contractor work out all the details you need to feel safe for the new year and years to follow.
When it comes to home renovation, the possibilities are endless.  But for endless possibilities, you have to take the first step.  Your New Years Renovation project awaits you…

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