Remodeling a Small Kitchen: Maximize Space

How to Remodel a Small Kitchen.

A small kitchen can have its pros and cons just like a remodel. There are many benefits, including a lower cost. You will spend less money if you have less space than if you had more. A small kitchen is more useful because everything you need to cook and prepare food quickly can be found within reach. There are always cons. You won’t find the “hangout space you want” in this place. It can feel cramped if you have a large family. We can help you remodel your small kitchen to maximize space and function, no matter what your opinion is!
Everybody has their own definition of a small kitchen. These tips will work in any size kitchen. Are you ready to remodel your kitchen?

1. Bright and Light!

First, you should realize that smaller kitchens require lighter colors to enhance the visual appeal of space. It has been proven that white makes things appear larger and black makes them seem smaller. This is why we love to wear black. ).
White cabinets are the best choice. But you don’t have to choose white cabinets. Think light taupe, antique white, and dove grey. White will make your home seem larger than it is. You can add color to your space by painting the lower cabinets a different color while keeping the upper cabinets white. This will open up your space.
You can make the space seem larger by using lighter countertops, but it is not necessary to use white on white. Keep it light, but don’t be afraid to mix it up.

2. Wide Tile

A backsplash can make your kitchen pop! It’s also a great way to make it seem larger. A horizontal tile such as a subway tile or a wood-look tile will draw the eye to the center of the space and create a feeling of greater width.

3. Let the Space Open!

You can make a big change in your kitchen by making it more spacious. If this is what you are looking for, why not give it a shot? It won’t be as disruptive if you are already undergoing a remodel. You can achieve amazing results, as Cara Tolle shows in her small kitchen remodel.

4. Illumination is key

A small kitchen remodel will require lots of light. As we mentioned in #1, more lighting will make your space appear brighter and more open.
Lighting is not limited to using lighting. A reflective backsplash can give the illusion of more space. Consider mirrors, glass, and metal.
Another way to use glass is in your cabinet doors! In your cabinet doors! Glass cabinet doors can make your kitchen seem larger. You will need to organize your cabinets!

5. Space expanding storage

There are many ways to increase storage space. Floating shelves can be a great way of adding storage to walls that don’t normally have cabinets. Hanging shelves are also possible. If you don’t have a lot of space, nik-nacs may not be possible. Instead, you could put them on top of your cabinets.
A hanging pot holder is another option! Pots and pans can take up much space in your cabinets so putting them out there in the open will allow you to have more room for other items. Make sure you love how they look!
Another option is to place small cabinets high up on top of regular cabinets. These cabinets look great but can be difficult to reach so you will need to install a rolling ladder (if available). These can be a great addition to your kitchen’s style!

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