How to renovate your kitchen on a budget
Cooking is fun and even more so when it’s done in your dream kitchen.
Bigger countertops and better layout.
The price can be adjusted to your budget if you don’t have a big budget you don’t have to go all in. 

  1.Cabinets: you don’t have to replace your kitchen cabinets for a new kitchen look
 You can sand and paint them and that will provide a whole new look for example bright white can conceal an outdated kitchen look. 
you can also replace just the doors. And that will make it look like a brand new kitchen

  1. Countertops: granite countertops are a great option to save some money on you kitchen renovation. 


  1. Lights: Lighting is a great way and not very expensive to change and freshened up your         kitchen look. Adding spotlights can light up your cooking.

  4.keep the layout: when renovating your kitchen if you have a tight budget keep the layout as it is Each time you move you sink or dishwasher it cost money 
 Your kitchen contractor can help you keep the renovation as basic as possible 

  1. Add architectural feature: changing the backsplash or adding stone finish on the back of the island. It will give it a great upgrade and a new look. 

It’s easy enough to have a new kitchen to cook in and  it doesn’t have to cost you your entire savings.
A good kitchen contractor can help you figure out what can be done within you budget. 
So cook away!

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