6 Kitchen Trends You Need to Check Out in 2023

2023 will usher in fresh kitchen design trends! Remodeling the kitchen is a popular home improvement project. This is because kitchens are an integral part of any home’s interior. They are often upgraded or renovated. Today’s kitchen interaction has changed significantly over the years and will continue to change. While some of these trends are still to come, others are already being adopted and will likely see an increase in adoption over the next few years. Want to find out what the future kitchen trends are in 2023? We will be exploring six key kitchen trends for next year.

Design Becomes More Practical and Thoughtful

After the pandemic many of us saw the importance of the kitchen in our homes. It was the place where we cooked, did our jobs, and shared time with our families. This is why homeowners are starting to pay more attention to kitchen planning. Our kitchens should be functional and beautiful. Kitchens in 2023 will be designed to meet the needs of users while still maintaining an attractive aesthetic. In 2023, simplicity will be the design trend. To draw attention, flat-fronted cabinets with decorative handles will have knobs and pulls phased out. The door will open automatically and can be opened by applying pressure to the handle. This will appeal to avid cooks. Minimalist kitchens don’t have to be boring or uninviting. The interior design decisions of homeowners are more conscious about finding a balance between minimalist minimalism and luxury comfort. A minimalist kitchen draws on the positive energy of a clean, uncluttered space with a few high-functioning, treasured items. As with many other design principles, sustainable, functional, efficient living is at the core of this design philosophy.

Kitchen Backsplashes Go Metro

Backsplashes refer to the tile or glass panel installed on the wall behind the range or kitchen sink. You can make your kitchen backsplash as simple or elaborate as you wish. You can choose to use a single color, or incorporate mosaics for visual interest.

For backsplashes, porcelain or ceramic tile is often used. The kitchen backsplash can be strong or subtle. You can choose to make it bright and colorful or subtle and elegant. There are many options to choose from when choosing the right one for your kitchen.

In 2023, tile kitchen backsplashes will be back in fashion. However, homeowners are choosing to go for a modern, glossy look.

Las Vegas’s modern designers favor rectangular tiles in their kitchen renovations. What are metro tiles? Rectangular subway tiles also known as subway tiles take inspiration from subway tiles and other underground transportation systems. This aesthetic is used frequently in modern home design.

Lighten Up

Large windows at the counter and extra-wide light pipes over the stove or island will be the 2023 kitchen design trends. Lighting is an essential part of interior design. A space can be transformed by the right lighting. The 2023 kitchen trends favor a simple, elegant design. You have many options when it comes to lighting your kitchen. There are pendant lights above an island, track lighting, and recessed lights. There are many options for kitchen lighting to make your kitchen feel warm and inviting, no matter what time it is. Large picture windows that have a view can create an open and spacious feeling, which allows the outside to come in. Windows add an extra dimension to design, adding a classic and clean appearance to a space. Your kitchen will feel warmer and more comfortable due to the sun’s warmth.

Use Natural Materials

In 2023, nature-inspired patterns will be very popular. The addition of paintings or photos of tropical landscapes to your kitchen will give it a new lease of life and make it stand out from the minimalist, modern furniture. Decorate your kitchen shelves with plants to get an extra bonus. Plastic is slowly being phased out. It is important to use organic components. Natural stone countertops and unpainted kitchen cabinets are becoming a must-have for Las Vegas Kitchen Remodeling. While wood and marble are very popular, homeowners should not overlook metals that work well with them. Contrasting wood tones and metals can give a surface depth and character.

Wallpaper Can Be Used to Decorate Walls

You have many options when it comes to kitchen decor. There are many options available, including timeless and ultra-contemporary, muted to vibrant, muted to muted styles, and everything in between. If you are looking for ideas for your kitchen, kitchen wallpaper will be back in fashion in 2023. Take a look at the space and consider how it fits together before you decide on a kitchen wall design. Because it provides texture and color, wallpaper is a popular choice in kitchens. It is easy to change the color of your walls and give your kitchen a new look. A paint color’s impact on the perception of a space can be dramatic. You can make a statement by painting one wall in a bold color like yellow or red. The alternate walls can be painted white or very light gray. This will make them look subtle, but still effective.

It’s Time to Color It Up

A dramatic change in the color of a wall can make a big difference. The 2023 color palette is rich and vibrant. A greater proportion of oranges and burnt yellows will complement the use of stark whites and deep blues. You don’t have to go for bright colors, but neutrals such as gray or white are equally effective. The terracotta trend will continue next year. The earthy texture of terracotta is a perfect mix of rustic and refined. Its baked clay tones are warm and inviting. Soft colors such as white, cream and mustard are great compliments to terracotta. Green is an organic color that blends well with the natural world. It also makes a great complement to wood and other natural accents. It’s easy to integrate into any design scheme, and creates a calm and peaceful environment.


These are the kitchen innovations we expect to be more popular in 2023. Do you have a favorite? Are there any other ideas that you have? We welcome your comments and suggestions. It’s safe to predict that 2023 will see more innovative kitchen design trends. There are many new countertop materials and lighting fixtures available. GI Construction is a company that inspires and resonates deeply with homeowners. Ottawa’s kitchen renovation experts keep abreast of the latest trends to give homeowners the best ideas and products. We can help you with your 2023 kitchen remodel.

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