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If you want to make a big difference in the overall feel of your home and give it a beautiful boost, you may consider having your general contractor in Las Vegas install wainscoting. This beautiful wall accent is a stylish decorative paneling that dresses up the plainest of walls, transforming them into sheer elegance.  Incorporating wainscoting to your walls gives the home a sort of “architectural integrity”. There are many different styles to choose from that will determine the look and feel of your room, as there are many areas in the house that will benefit from it…which is another thing about wainscoting: it is basically an “elegant armor” for your walls and especially useful for rooms that tend to take a beating and have a lot of traffic. The panels provide insulation and protect the walls from scuffs and scrapes from shoes and backs of chairs, oily fingerprints, misc child play messes, and the list goes on. But besides insulation and wall protection, wainscoting adds a new dimension and beauty to your home decor.

As your Las Vegas contractor, GI Construction will work with you and the vendor to choose the wainscoting that will give your home the “wow” it deserves!  
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Normally, wainscoting is vertical and applied just under half way up the wall with a decorative baseboard, chair rail, and cap to complete the look. However, when extending wainscoting up higher to ¾ height of the wall, the effect is even more striking. There are beautiful designs for horizontal applications as well.  Here are some styles that you might consider when you are beginning your home remodeling in Las Vegas:

Beadboard Wainscoting is made of tongue and groove paneling. Beadboard wainscoting is popular on kitchen islands, bathrooms and nurseries. This look is casual and cozy and popular in homes with a country or cottage feel.
Barn Door Wainscoting is one of the most popular styles with it’s casual welcoming look. The style resembles a barn door and is a perfect choice if you are a homeowner who wants to add a country, rustic feel to your home.
Picture Frame Wainscoting is a horizontal look rather than vertical. The squares in the center panel are raised like a picture frame. This is also a very classy look that adds beauty and elegance to your room.
Box Wainscoting is a two-tone look with the back color different than the frame color. You can also incorporate a pattern into the center frame making it more unique. This brings both color and texture into the room.
Carved Wainscoting is beautifully designed with unique patterns and is perfect for the homeowner who wants their wainscoting to make a bold statement.
Offset Squared Wainscoting leans more toward a modern look, but is a style that looks great in any home. It’s most popular in bathrooms, offices, dens, but looks good in any part of the house.
Shoulder-Height Wainscoting can be made with any style of wainscoting and is significantly more eye-catching, also adding texture and elegance to your walls.
Board and Batten Wainscoting is a flat panel with center panels without beveled edging. The hard corners are sharp and precise. Board and Batten wainscoting is most popular in a Craftsman type home.
Raised Panel Wainscoting has a formal elegance with its beveled edging that is very noticeable. Raised panel wainscoting is beautiful in formal dining and living rooms.
Whether in entry ways, stairs, hallways, eating areas, family rooms, dens, bathrooms, kids rooms (basically anywhere in the home there’s a lot of activity and traffic) wainscoting comes to the rescue to protect your walls while adding beauty and elegance to your home.  Whichever areas you choose to incorporate wainscoting, GI Construction will help you with this home renovation design to make sure it is in areas of the house where you can stand back and truly admire this stunning accent to your home.  

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