5 Fantastic Ideas for Kids Bathrooms

Fantastic Ideas for Kids Bathrooms

Like you, if you love the look of a bathroom you utilize every day as do your children. If the bathroom is intended exclusively for them or for your entire family, include features that will make it safer, easier as well as more fun for kids every time they walk into this space. We have five ways to transform your bathroom so it’s kid-friendly.

We Mustn’t Let the Kids Go to the’ Bathroom

Kids require a space to sleep. They require a space to play. In most cases, the bathroom is the last thing to receive the attention it deserves. Here are some tips to remember to keep a child’s bathroom secure, safe and useful.

1. Non-Slip Shower Stickers to use in Showers and Bathtubs. Bathtub or Shower

These days, non-slip bumpers are now available to stop children from falling in the bathtub or shower. The stickers come in all kinds of animated characters , from clownfish to happy dolphin. These stickers will ensure that your children can sit and stand without falling all over the place. They are fun that children can take a look at, but they can also shield the children against slips slips and accidents in the bathtub..

2. Cover Clamps for Toilets

Cover clamps provide a security measure to stop kids from playing in toilets. If you don’t have these, your children could flush dangerous items into the toilet and cause a major obstruction. However, if your children are of the age of a certain point and aren’t required in your home.

3. Towel Hooks at the Children’s Level for Easy Reach

Hang your towel hooks low they allow your children to reach their towels comfortably without stepping on tips of their feet. Additionally, you could place the child’s name on their towel hook, if it is appropriate to your children’s age. The hooks are available made of plastic, wood metal, or a mix of all three. Choose the style that is compatible to the overall design of your bathroom. Wood hooks can paint them in any color you want and keep this in mind when you are making your bathroom renovation ideas.

4. A bathroom that is accessible allows You to Help Your Children

A wide or open toilet allows you to aid all of your children when required. Toilet training is only one of the instances when you require enough space to move around to provide assistance to your kids. The majority of enclosed toilets are just thirty inches wide and the width of 42 inches gives you the space you need to aid your child. Keep this in mind when you remodel.

5. Let Your Children decorate the walls

Children can paint the walls! One option is to paint the lower part of at least two or three walls using chalkboard paint. The children can draw with chalk whenever they go to the area. It is also possible to let children paint or draw images using waterproof paint or inks. This way, you can later decoupage the drawings to the walls of your bathroom. Simply purchase a sealer for decoupage and follow the directions on the box.

Children can paint an image directly on the wall from a height suitable for them to work from without the use of a ladder. Of course, they’ll require your help with this undertaking. When you allow your kids to take part in helping in decorating the bathroom by creating this way they will feel proud every time they see their accomplishments. If you don’t want to use any of these suggestions it is possible to use vibrant colors for the walls, along with cartoon character stickers or animal print wallpaper.

These are only some of the possibilities for a kid-friendly bathroom. Start by incorporating these ideas into your own ideas to create the perfect bathroom for kids. Make a space that children love to explore, particularly when bath time is upon them because we all know that some children require an extra push to clean or floss their teeth!

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