Home remodeling contractors in Las Vegas will concur that designing the powder room can be one of the most enjoyable spaces to create for the home. It’s a given that having a powder room increases the value of the home, so if you currently don’t have a powder room it would be a project to put high on your home renovation list. But the main reason is simply that people want a bathroom that is convenient for their guests to use.  Having a powder room eliminates your guests having to wander around to a different floor or to another part of the house far away from the gathering spot. Your full bathrooms used on a daily basis may not be as tidy as you intend for them to be, where a powder room can always stay tidy and your privacy with your main bathrooms will not be compromised. If your lifestyle includes entertaining frequently, then a powder room is the perfect plan. They can also be a wonderful way to show off your own personal style, since a powder room doesn’t necessarily have to follow the same theme as the rest of your home.  As your general contractor in Las Vegas, GI Construction will make sure that your powder room creation will be a huge success!

Powder Room Creation

No matter where you decide your powder room will be, there are things to discuss with your bathroom contractor in Las Vegas during your initial planning. The powder room doesn’t have to be large, so you should be able to find a nice spot in your home without sacrificing too much space. A typical powder room is approximately 20 SF of space, however some can be as small as 11 SF. (your project manager should clarify these dimensions with the local building department since they tend to change each year)  If your powder room will be used mainly by guests, then be sure to choose a spot that is convenient from the area where you mostly entertain. The location of your powder room is crucial to your guests’ comfort and your home’s resale value. Some ideal spots are under the staircase or a large closet near the entrance. However if you have young children, you might choose day-to-day convenience for your family over occasional guests’ comfort and locate your powder room near the laundry room area.  Keep in mind that besides the room’s location, powder rooms need to be either adjacent or near plumbing lines so you can use the existing water and waste system. Many homeowners prefer to have the location where enter and exit of the powder room has some degree of privacy. If the location can be somewhere that is not directly in sight of the gathering spot, this will be a bonus so that guests can visit the powder room discreetly.
After determining the location and dimensions of your powder room, you will need to decide all the elements needed to fit into the space.  The minimum requirements for a powder room are sink, toilet and mirror, as well as allowing for a 32-inch door opening. It is best if the door swings inward to avoid traffic flow on the outside, however if the space is small, the door may have to swing out. For smaller powder rooms, you may consider a sliding pocket door. You can also save space by using a round vs. oval toilet. Pedestal, console or wall mounted sinks are preferable for taking up less space. There are some wonderful storage ideas for powder rooms to keep extra tissue, hand towels soap etc. while keeping space in mind.
Powder rooms can have several different layout options depending on the shape of your room, but the most common layout is having the toilet and sink against one wall where plumbing and waste lines can be shared.  The door opening to display the sink is also preferred to be the room’s focal point.
Sound insulation is important in every bathroom, but most important in a powder room near living room/dining room areas or where you are entertaining. Discuss options with your home remodeling contractor so that you can insulate your powder room where every aspect of privacy is achieved.  
After all the basic requirements for a powder room have been met, it is time to think about choice and style. First off, there is no reason to choose an unimaginative style sink–especially when it is often the focal point of the powder room. If your powder room isn’t used on a daily basis, wear and tear will be minimal; therefore, choosing something stylish over durability is perfectly acceptable.  Adding furniture such as a mini book shelf, magazine rack, or a couple wall shelves will give you a chance to display personal touches. Your vanity base and counter is another way to show off your creativity and personal taste. Both paint and wallpaper are popular for powder rooms, and keep in mind that even the most pricey items are affordable with limited space to work with. If you are choosing paint, you may also think about adding wainscoting to dress up the room even more. Same goes for flooring; you’re working with a small area, so get what you really want without worrying about prices being too high. Aside from the sink being a focal point, the mirror you choose can also tie the whole room together. Choose a decorative mirror with a unique frame that stands out and  shows off your powder room masterpiece. A tile backsplash is a lovely way to accent, and since you’ll need less tile–you can pop for the one-of-a-kind designer version you’ve always wanted! Your personal choice of faucet is also an important accent to go with your sink of choice. Wall-mounts, single handle, high arc or waterfall are some of the options. Faucet finish is another consideration to be decided upon. Lighting your powder room to create a soft ambience for your guests is important, however dimmer switches are best so that guests can have the option of more light when touching up makeup etc. Finally, choosing your accessories–such as towel bars or rings, photo frames/art, candles, soaps,
hand towels, plant or flower vase, perfume tray—all adds to making your powder room a complete success!

Bathroom remodeling in Las Vegas is an exciting project. GI Construction is ready to help you create the perfect powder room that will benefit the whole family, impress your guests, and ultimately increase the value of your home!

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