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Most everyone loves a good book they can dive into and escape the real world for a time. Even if you’re not a big reader with an impressive book collection, most people find that having a library in their home is a cozy, comforting go-to place enjoyed by the whole family. Quite often a library can be the focal point of the home as well–impressing your guests and giving everyone a chance to explore the world waiting upon the shelves. A library is an attractive display of books that contributes to the beauty of the room, while also accommodating for organization and storage. Even with the increase of people giving up books for kindles, tablets, or book on tape–many homeowners continue to enjoy adding to their book collection and displaying them in an attractive way in their home.  However, not every homeowner has an entire room they can devote to having a library. If you and your family are ready to have library but don’t have quite enough space, contact your Las Vegas general contractor to discuss home remodeling options to incorporate a library that will fit into your home design. Regardless of the size of your home, there are always creative ways to build a custom home library. Here are just some of the home renovation ideas for a library that may work for you:

Lofts contribute to the uniqueness of your home and come in all shapes and sizes. Some homeowners choose to use their loft as an office, tv or game room, or perhaps converted into a bedroom or nursery. However, sometimes a loft is not quite large enough for these options, and the space can often become wasted. Incorporating a library into your unused loft space is a wonderful way to expand on your home’s design and character, as well as having an organized attractive place to display your reading material.

If your home has vaulted ceilings–perhaps in a living room, family room or den, it’s an ideal area to install custom shelving to accommodate your home library. Your Las Vegas contractor can discuss your shelving plan, incorporating accent cubbies for displaying decor, custom cabinetry, and accent lighting all drawing attention away from an overwhelming wall of books. Make use of the space by taking the books all the way to the ceiling and adding a library style ladder & rail for easy access to search for a good book! Hiring a contractor to design a home library around your fireplace surround is also a beautiful way to display your book collection.

A hallway that has plenty of depth is another fabulous area in your home to display a library. If your home has an open floor plan, consider continuing the shelving design from the hallway wall above to the room below for a full continuity effect. Another unique option would be to install a spiral staircase leading up to the upper part of the library for a fabulous accent.

If your home has a walk-in closet that is used mainly for storage, why not get organized and have your Las Vegas contractor install smart storage cabinets & shelving in your garage instead? This frees up the walk-in closet so you can move items out of the house and make use of your walk-in closet by converting it to a book nook! For added reading pleasure, incorporate a chaise lounge sofa to fill in the area, allowing you to dive into your cozy, relaxing, private library room.

Your home office may be the perfect room to expand upon by having your contractor install shelving and cubbies that will accentuate the beauty of your room. Adding wainscoting to accent the room and recess lighting for a lovely finish to your office library!

Perhaps you have an open floor plan on your first floor–such as your great room and kitchen are all one room–and you prefer it to be two separate rooms.  Creating a wall to divide the rooms and incorporating a library can make wonderful use of this area.  If you don’t have a fireplace, this would be an ideal spot for both library and fireplace to compliment one another, bringing family and friends together in a room offering cozy quality time beneath the hearth.

Staircase landings often have areas of unused space begging for something more than a plant or table to fill it up. Having a built in library that extends up the wall of your staircase landing is another ideal spot to make use of.

Every spiral staircase has that tucked away area below, perfect for something interesting to occupy it. Perhaps a powder room, office desk, or closet, but why not a library? Installing custom shelving with accent cubbies, custom cabinetry, recessed lighting would all compliment your spiral staircase library and make it a magnificent accent to your staircase!

Your general contractor will be happy to discuss home remodeling ideas for incorporating a beautiful library design into your household so that your family can begin building a book collection to be treasured for years to come.

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