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Bigger is better

Sometimes.. Bigger is better
When you add an addition to your home, you not only make it more spacious and comfortable, you actually increase your home’s value! More square footage means more money in the bank when you sell your home.
There are 4 types of home additions that you can do…
A standard home addition
A multi-room addition attached to the side of the house can add a family room, dining room, or even a bathroom. It can be costly but it will significantly raise the value of your house and in the long run return your investment and more. If you need more space in your home, a room addition might be the solution for you. Ask your Las Vegas contractor for more information about a room addition.
A bump up
A single room that serves multipurposes. It would also increase your home value tremendously, and you’ll have another room to share. So, if you need more space, your Las Vegas general contractor can help you figure out your options.
It’s an addition to the side of the house that can be closed off from the main room. Sunrooms are usually smaller and enclosed with windows all around so it’s always sunny and bright… definitely not your conventional room addition, but a real plus! Call a construction company in Las Vegas for details.
Garage conversation
Usually it’s a one or two car garage that converts into a bedroom or living area. This conversion, unlike the others, does not add value to your home on resale. Houses without garages are harder to sell.
Your general contractor can blend the addition into the rest of the house. Extra space is always a blessing …

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