The luxury of owning a casita on your property has many attractive purposes that we could very likely write an entire novel about.  But first of all, understanding what a casita is can help you determine if it is something right for you to invest in.
A Casita by definition means “little house” in Spanish.  The Casita, sometimes referred to as the “guest house” or “mother-in-law suite”, is most always detached from the main house and usually located in the front of the home or in the back with a private entrance.  Casitas are mainly designed for home offices, art or music studios, hobby rooms, game rooms, home theaters, housing out-of-town family and guests, and even “man caves” and “creative cottages”.  Having the casita separate from the main house allows for a peaceful retreat with independence and privacy.
Casitas usually consist of a main room and bathroom; however, kitchenettes, laundry rooms and extra closet space are also other options. Casitas always have their own separate entry and often separate parking area.
Contractors in Las Vegas find many different incentives that inspire homeowners to build a casita on their property. The Casita is an ideal option for families who wish to remain close, yet still maintain their independence and privacy. Typical situations where a casita would come in handy would be the couple raising a family living in the main house, while the grandparents/in-laws live in the casita.  Grandparents can help tremendously living on the premises and be more involved in their grandchildren’s lives maintaining togetherness, while also experiencing their own independence, privacy and security knowing family is there to help them too.
Another situation that would be beneficial to the homeowner owning a casita would be for a young adult still living at home–perhaps a college student needing some extra space and more freedom to expand their individuality.
Casitas can come to the rescue providing extra space when you have an overflow of out of town guests staying with you. If you find you entertain often and have overnight guests, designing your casita to reflect a luxury hotel suite would be a sensible choice.
Casitas can be useful for additional income to the homeowner.  Using your casita for rental purposes can help you both while you are the owner, as well as increasing the value of your property should you decide to sell. Perhaps your purpose is not to rent it out, but hosting a long-term/live -in companion who can assist you with household chores in exchange for living space can be another purpose where a casita could be put to good use.
Building casitas has become increasingly more popular in Las Vegas, as more and more homeowners are finding their home remodeling needs are including casitas to fit their lifestyles.
The woman of the house may sometimes find her husband’s items, such as sports memorabilia, collections etc, don’t quite fit in with the rest of the home ensemble. Instead of collecting dust in the closet or garage, they can be the highlight of a casita that has been transformed into his magnificent Man-Cave! Add the comfy leather couch, big screen TV, bar, gaming tables and his Man-Cave is ready for action!  Gathering his buddies into the casita for football or hockey games is not only perfect fun for the whole gang, but also saves a lot of wear and tear and clean up time in the main home.  A Man-Cave could be designed more like a home theater in the main room, with the second room becoming a bar area or game room.  With the rising of ticket prices at the movie theaters and the concession food prices skyrocketing as well, home theaters are becoming increasingly more popular.
Perhaps the woman of the house has more need of a “Creative Cottage” to retreat to for her own passions and creativity.  Today’s woman is always on the go like never before with her career and caring for her family, so having a place to relax, unwind and create is where the casita can certainly come to the rescue. Diving into DIY projects, crafting, sewing, painting or creating music are examples to motivate you to transform your casita into your “Creative Cottage.”
Casitas serve many home renovation purposes beyond what we have outlined, all being beneficial to the homeowner. This unique little bungalow can make life both enjoyable and maybe just a little easier. No matter what you decide to use your casita for, your casita will be a perfect addition for the whole family to enjoy!

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