It is exciting to start a home remodel. Your home will get a fresh, new look. It’s important that you know what style you prefer before you start. This will help you make the best remodeling decisions. There are seven main types of interior design. You can find out which one sounds the best.


Modern design is for you if clean lines and minimal clutter appeal to your taste. Modern design is a style that was popularized in the early 20th century and follows very clear guidelines. Manmade materials can be combined with harder, organic materials such as wood and stone. Think clean and crisp with a focus on geometrics. This bridges the gap between the natural and the futuristic. Modern design uses a central visual line to guide everything else. The key to this design style is graphic patterns and iconic furnishings


Contemporary design is not traditional, unlike modern. Contemporary design is defined by smooth, clean surfaces and a lack of color or accessories. Contemporary design is all about creating spaces that encourage warmth and follow trends. Contemporary design is similar to modern but it appreciates form and lines while maintaining fluidity in space and light. Think abstract, uncluttered art with simple rules. This design style is best if you prefer shiny surfaces and unadorned floors.



Contemporary is elevated to a new level with minimalist home design. The contemporary style is simple.

Minimalist is simplicity at its best. Minimalism is about minimizing decor and focusing on the essentials. White or open space are emphasized as a key element. Sometimes the design can feel cold and sterile. However, it is important to select details carefully. A splash of bright color can add warmth while keeping the design open and clean. Wood and whitespace are key elements in this style.


Natural style is natural and incorporates wood and other organic elements. This style also suggests open skies with vaulted ceilings, ample windows and plenty of light. By using recycled or eco-friendly materials for furniture, curtains and lighting, natural materials will be respected. This style is usually more discreet than other styles, so the focus is on the material and not the decor.



Elegance home styles combine flowing, fluid shapes with large, freestanding elements and straight lines. It is designed to provide comfort and support structure. To create depth, richer tones are combined with natural materials such as wood. You can complete the look with a few dramatic, well-placed elements like large ferns.


Luxury design, which is at the opposite end of modern and contemporary, is all about large, chunky furniture in rich patterns. To create the illusion of deep comfort, high-end metal is complemented by lush, thick textiles. This is all about real, expensive materials. There are no imitations.


Classical home design is timeless and celebrates the past. This means that decor and materials must be durable. Classic style is represented by marble, Greek elements, and stripes. Natural materials like brick and cotton will give you a timeless, strong look that is also current. The best thing about classical style is that it doesn’t pull from other styles. Classical style is timeless and can be sophisticated while remaining timeless.

There are many design styles to choose from, whether you prefer straight lines or rich, colorful fabrics. You can study materials and homes to determine the dominant style. Find out which design style appeals to you by asking which elements make your space feel most comfortable.


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